Merry Christmas!
Posted on Dec 24, 2014 by Rodrigo

Rihanna Navy,

We here at Rihanna Daily wish you lots of love, joy and peace on this special day. May your hearts be warmed by the sweet magic that Christmas always brings, and may all your dreams be fulfilled.

Merry Christmas!

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    Rihanna does last minute Christmas shopping in NYC
    Posted on Dec 24, 2014 by Natalie

    Rihanna was seen yesterday (December 23) sporting a fluffy blue jacket while heading to Toys R Us store in NYC. The singer was also seen at her favourite dinning spot – Da Silvano. Check out pictures in our gallery.

    On Instagram RiRi shared a picture of her fancy crystal-studded Christmas tree!

  • Rihanna spotted out and about in New York City
    Rihanna spotted out and about in New York City
    Posted on Dec 22, 2014 by Natalie

    Rihanna was seen in New York City earlier today (December 22) heading to a photo shoot. Check out some pictures released on Instagram after the cut! More pictures in our gallery.

    UPDATE: Click here to see photos of Rihanna leaving the building right after Kanye West. Watch a video here.

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    Quick News: Instagram + Photo updates + iTunes Discount
    Posted on Dec 21, 2014 by Natalie
    • Rihanna has shared two new pictures on her Instagram. One of them appear to be a professional photo shoot (or maybe a video shoot). The only description attached to this photo was a dot so it’s unsure when it was taken and if this is related to her new music. We hope so!

    •  Check our gallery for more high quality pictures from Rihanna’s secret, editorial video shoot that took place in Paris this Thursday.

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    Fans meet Rihanna at #R8Experience in Paris
    Posted on Dec 18, 2014 by Rodrigo

    You heard it here first, Navy!

    This Thursday (December 18), Rihanna was seen at the Trocadero gardens in Paris for a still unkown fan experience related to her next album. She was seen running into her bodyguard’s arms and then touching fans’ hands.

    Make sure to watch the videos after the jump and click here for photos.


  • Navy! Be a part of the experience
    Navy! Be a part of the experience
    Posted on Dec 18, 2014 by Rodrigo

    French Navy,

    You do not want to miss this. Bring your friends and meet at Trocadero Carroussel in Paris TODAY at 5:45pm.


    Stay tuned for more…

  • Rihanna talks to WWD about Puma; mentions new album
    Rihanna talks to WWD about Puma; mentions new album
    Posted on Dec 17, 2014 by Rodrigo

    Rihanna flew in to Puma’s headquarters on Monday night for her first creative session with the design team, picking out colors and fabrics, discussing styles and the line’s overall direction. As part of a multiyear partnership with the activewear firm, Rihanna will tackle Puma’s fitness and training line, which includes apparel as well as shoes, “design and customize classic Puma styles and create new styles to add to the Puma product portfolio,” the company said.

    “I’m very excited about this. Whether it’s apparel or shoes or accessories, I want to modernize it by highlighting the classics and going from things that make Puma Puma — give it a youthfulness, make it hip, basically [make it] Rihanna,” the singer told WWD, while taking a short break from countless meets and greets with the German activewear brand’s managing board and the hundreds of employees who gathered to snap a few pics of the affable performer. Calling her new assignment “a little bit surreal,” the singer vowed “to come up with cool things that don’t even belong in Puma.” “It could even be down to suspenders,” she laughed. “We can experiment and take risks, that’s what I’m most excited about — the creative freedom.”

    WWD: What’s the first thing that pops to your mind when you hear Puma?
    Rihanna: My childhood. Some of the first sneakers I owned were Puma, and I wore them to death, until they had holes in them. They were sleek running shoes, I had them in pink with the black Puma stripes on the side. They also made them in Jamaican colors and so in the Caribbean it was like: What? Jamaican colors? That was the it-shoe in Barbados — if you didn’t have those, [that was it]. You know how kids are.

    WWD: How many pairs of sneakers do you own, and do they outnumber your stilettos?
    Rihanna: I have too many [sneakers] if that’s even possible; they are mostly in storage now. [Rihanna catalogues all her performance looks in a 4,000-square-foot storage unit, of which roughly 1,000 square feet is dedicated to shoes.] They are probably on par with my stilettos. I love a heel but recently I’m tending more to sneakers. Being in the studio, traveling, touring — you cannot do that in heels, unless you are Posh Spice [she laughs]. She is in the airport with four kids and she gets it done. She is so legit’.

    WWD: How does music, your core activity, relate to fashion?
    Rihanna: Music and fashion go hand in hand. I think music inspires all types of arts; it inspires life, emotion, mood, and all of those things are reflected in my fashion and my style. One doesn’t go without the other.

    WWD: How serious are you about your designing career? Are you ready to take it deeper?
    Rihanna: I love designing. I’ve always enjoyed it. The thing I love most is the unexpected result between my brand and theirs, the combination, the marriage — it’s like having a baby, you put two things together and all of the sudden it bursts into a new thing. It’s life. At River Island I was able to see stuff come to life, draw up an idea from scratch, and that made me want to take on a bigger challenge. And MAC was an amazing experience — from creating packaging to going through textures. I would love to do cosmetics, because I love beauty: choosing colors, creating shapes. It’s like painting, you just get to play. The same way I treated MAC, I will attack Puma.

    WWD: What’s next for Rihanna in 2015?
    Rihanna: Releasing an album. I don’t know when exactly, but you will know when I know it.


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    Photos: Rihanna visits Puma’s headquarters in Germany
    Posted on Dec 16, 2014 by Rodrigo

    After a secret photoshoot in Tampa, Rihanna flew to Herzogenaurach, Germany, to sign her contract as PUMA’s global ambassador for Women’s Training — read all about it here. According to, When asked how involved Ri will be in the design process, she responded, “I’m going to be all over this. Gotta make [Puma] the sh– again!” And when asked about the actual footwear, Rihanna only had one stipulation: “No wedges! That’s my only rule.”

    Visit our gallery for the first professional photos and make sure to check Ri’s Instagram for more!

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